How to set up the Catapult HHT App

How to set up the Catapult HHT App

The first step will be to download the app to your device. Navigate to the app store and search for the Catapult HHT.

If the phone is an Android there will be one app to install, Catapult HHT.

If the phone is a I-phone there will be two apps, Catapult HHT and Catapult HHT Plus. The one that should be installed is the Catapult HHT Plus.

Once the app is installed change your Wi-Fi to connect to the wireless network that the HHT uses to connect to the Server.
Then pull open the app and navigate to the settings:

For Android you need to input the My ECRS Account ID which you can find at front of the WebOffice address before the catapult.

For I-Phone you will need to input the IP Address of the Catapult server which you can find by going to the Catapult WeOffice and selecting stores, and then the store you are located at. In that screen you will find the IP Address.

Save this information, and then you should be able to access the Catapult Mobile WebOffice through the app.