This article describes how to setup a Heartland Restaurant site to use DoorDash. It is assumed that DoorDash has been boarded and has configured menus, sales taxes, rooms, and Heartland Restaurant Online Ordering. 

Configuring DoorDash Menu Schedules, Pricing, and Lead times

  1.  Go to Location Setup.

  2. Select Online Ordering > Online Ordering Tab.

  3. Scroll down and select the Third Party Ordering tab and under the heading Third Party Ordering Enabled click to check the box Allow customers to place third party orders.

  4. Configure the Delivery Price Adjustment.
    Note: Percent only, no dollar amount.

  5.  Configure the Third Party Lead Time.

  6.  Under Third Party Ordering Menu & Hours, use the ‘+’ button to add a Menu Schedule.

  7.  Configure the Menu Groups available for the days selected without overlapping Menu Groups.
    Note: If Third Party Ordering Override Menu & Hours  are not available, you will need to contact DoorDash to ensure special hours or closures.

  8.  Save and Publish.


Flagging DoorDash Alcoholic Items and Online Availability

DoorDash requires you to mark items that are alcohol. You must mark these items individually.

  1. Go to Menu > Items.
  2. Select the Item.
  3. Under the heading Alcohol, click to check the box Flag this item as an alcohol purchase.
  4. Save.
  5. Repeat these steps for all alcohol items.
    Note: If you do not want an item to appear on the DoorDash menu, go to Menu > Items > Selected Item > Available Online heading and uncheck the box Allows this item to be seen by customers online. Note that this also marks the item as unavailable in the carryout/delivery menu.
  6.  Publish.

*DoorDash could take 1-30 minutes to process the menu update (depending on DoorDash volume at the time, the latter is rare)*

*DoorDash automatically reduces the end time of configured menu groups by 20 minutes to limit order submissions that would be picked up too far past closing time (greater than 10 minutes past close is the limit for us to accept an order, beyond that it will be rejected).*

Example: If the Dinner menu closes at 8PM, DoorDash will display 7:40PM as the closing time.

If an order is submitted at 7:38, but would take 40 minutes to pickup (i.e. 8:18 pickup time), that order would be rejected because it is 18 minutes past close time (thus, 8 minutes past our added buffer for orders after close [10 minutes). 

If it was submitted at 7:38, but only took 30 minutes to pickup (i.e. 8:08 pickup time), that order would be accepted because it is within 10 minutes of closing time.